16:00 – 17:30 | Pandemic Support Group | A Safe Digital Space

In this safe digital space we invite you to share and discuss the struggles and challenges we have been facing throughout the past year. It’s not a secret that many of us have been dealing or still deal with mental stress or illness caused by uncertainty towards their future, their financial status and their careers. In this session musician Mary Ocher (Underground Institute), promoter and activist Melissa Perales (Music Pool Berlin, Nightschool Berlin) and psychologist Anne Löhr (MiM-Verband) invite you to share thoughts on your experiences, give and receive helpful information and of course give room for all your questions. The session is open for everyone who appreciates this safe space.
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Organisiert von
Underground Institute
Mary Ocher
Nightschool Berlin
Antje Grothe
Music Pool Berlin
Melissa Perales
Mental Health in Music
Anne Löhr
Über uns

Mary Ocher - internationally acclaimed artist and founder/curator of the booking agency and platform for adventurous music The Underground Institute. The UI was formed shortly before the beginning of the pandemic and had to adapt quickly to the reality of the pandemic in the music industry this past year.